WordPress Gravatar Emoji Gutenberg Google Fonts Spyware


After viewing some of Richard Stallman’s interviews I decided to check this blog for spyware. I’ve found some major problems with WordPress and privacy.

First were the Gravatars. I’ve simply disabled them in WordPress settings.

Settings -> Discussion -> Avatar Display

Second were the Google Fonts in the template. I’m using as template sparkling. In the child-template I’ve disabled the fonts of the theme. I simply set my own local font in style.css.


Third were the emoji’s.

Settings -> Writing -> Formatting -> Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display

Fourth and last is the Gutenberg Editor. It seems that WordPress uses in it’s core Google Fonts at least for the Gutenberg editor. I’ve found a plugin which does the job very well.


Discussion on Github about WordPress core

Have fun!