adaptec 5805zq Host adapter abort request vmware 5.5 high I/O load


After 1/2 year waiting for a FIX for that issue, Adaptec fixed it:

Adaptec support wrote:


We have been able to identify the cause of this problem as an issue that occurs when using the MSI-X legacy interrupt type with Intel V2 processors, in conjunction with ESXi 5.5. The problem can be worked around with the latest 40701 driver, which can be downloaded here:
And adding the driver parameter " MSI=1" for the aacraid module, as such.
SSHclient# system module parameters set -m aacraid --parameter-string "msi=1"
After having done this, you will need to reboot the system.
After reboot, to be sure that MSI is set, do this:
# lspci | grep Adap
0000:04:00.0 Mass storage controller: Adaptec AACRAID [vmhba0]
~ # dmesg | grep MSI
2014-11-17T14:07:04.222Z cpu2:33395)<6>igb 0000:02:00.1: Using MSI-X
interrupts. 1 rx queue(s), 1 tx queue(s)
2014-11-17T14:07:09.712Z cpu10:33502)Enabling MSI for dev 0000:04:00.0
This workaround applies to Series 5 and Series 6 controllers. Series 7 and 8 controllers would not be affected by the problem.


Hope this will help someone who’s running in this issue

Have fun!