proofpoint dynamic reputation list su**s

Thank you for contacting Proofpoint's IP Reputation department via our website.

We have received a number of spam messages from, and 
this is why your IP address has been added to our block list.

In short, we are unable to remove this IP address from our list(s) 
at the present moment in time, as your current issue is still in need of
 a definitive resolution: Our listing of this IP address will therefore 
need to be allowed to decay naturally (which will happen a short while 
after we have received no further spam from it) or you will need to 
explicitly state that you (or your provider) have taken the steps 
necessary to rectify the issue at hand.

Please check for infected machines, compromised accounts and 
misconfigured e-mail servers and relays within your network, and then 
rectify these problems accordingly. Once you have done this (and we see 
no further spam messages from your IP address) we will remove your 
address from our list(s) accordingly.

If you are using a shared e-mail service (and / or you have no 
control over this IP address) you should notify your network 
administrator or hosting provider of this issue as soon as possible and 
encourage them to resolve the problems alluded to above.

Please find below a recent example of one of the e-mails in question, thank you.

Yours sincerely,

bla bla
Proofpoint Spam Engineering Team


My Scenario:
Mailserver hosts 15000 Mailboxes. 1-2 Spammers a week. can’t do anything aginst hacked customer’s pc’s.

That’s why you should not use appl* oder ma* devices. Theese use fucking sucking rbls to filter thier spammails out. Nobody is asking about hacked
customer pc’s, and noone does anything against those botnets or criminals. I think proofpoint should not be in the role to do things like this. Apple should not use this rbl.

Have fun!

cidr.dnsbl.rollernet.local s***s

One more blacklist issue which sucks

>hi roller support
>one of our subnets got blacklistet by you
>we had problems sending mails to this destinations:
>please delist
>SNIP [ postfix maillog was here ] SNIP
>kind regards
>I could not send you mails from our offical server because it's
>too and you've got no webbased delisting form, your forum does not
>the option to create an account and your customer portal has many
>fields to fill in but no options for the rbl 
>this should not be the way how a blacklist should run

The answer was brilliant :-)

That list is hand-assembled of addresses/networks that have directly
spammed our role accounts (support@, abuse@, sales@, or billing@). It's
not anything automated. I've removed it for now, but if we start getting
spam from the enclosing network again it will likely end up on the list

The forum accounts were disabled due to excessive spamming unfortunately

Have fun with blacklists which sucks! to policyd-weight


Because stop it’s services I need to find another rbl which is easy to delist for mail-admins, less flase positives and has no connections to the sh** rbl’s of fu***ing SORBS. I decided to test After some days of logreviews and  testing I decided to use the for production. Works like a charm.

So I’ve edited the line arround 377 in /usr/sbin/policyd-weight

#'',        4.25,       -1.5,        'BL_NJABL',
'', 4.25,        -1.5,       'BL_BARRACUDA',
/etc/init.d/policyd-weight restart

Have fun!

To every Mail-Admin: Don’t use SORBS they are a conglomerate of arrogant a** f*****s
I needed for a delisting of a “dnyamic” IP-Pool 4weeks and more than 15 mails and tickets
Also the rbl seems to be managed by the same arrogant guys, but the problem is that and some other big mail players are using it.
The is nice and shows the listing of an IP-Address but has no more functions. Seems none is reading the output of the form.
After filling the form every day for 14days I decided self monologues are boring.
So I contacted this company by E-Mail.
Pow after 1 day I got delistet with no response from the german mailbox. :-)
The next problem of that list is it’s not public queryable, so none is able to monitor via nagios etc the rbl.
SORBS sucks