postfix per smtp-transport smtp_fallback_relay

Hi there

I’d got multiple SMTP transports on my postfix server, but one of these send’s newsletters,
As we already seen this in real life of an mailadmin some servers got rate-limit’s setup, so only a specific
amount of mail is accepted in a specific timeframe.

To get these masses sent to these destinations in a adequate timeframe we need a fallback relay.
Due to the configuration of the destination server these will accept mails from other client IP’s than
the rate-limited server is and they would send an 450 temporary error.

Long speech short sin.

Here as always my config snippet from postfix (somewhere at line 40):

smtp      unix  -       -       -       -       50       smtp
No magic. Really? 

DONT FORGET THE S**** TABSTOP IN FRONT of "-o smtp_fallback_relay="

Otherwhise you gonna get this:

postfix/master[8319]: fatal: /etc/postfix/ line 40: bad transport type:

Due to this litte config mistake a new grey hair in my beard will gonna grow.

Have fun!