Mikrotik SSTP 100% CPU Load


I’ve seen that due to some https requests the mikrotik SSTP server uses 100% of CPU
Here some nice script with scheduler which reenables the SSTP server. I’ve seen the bug with the latest ROS 5.20.

/system script
 add name=cpuload policy=ftp,read,write,winbox,api source=":local cpuload [ /system resource get cpu-load ]\r\
 \nif ( \$cpuload = 100 ) do {\r\
 \n/interface sstp-server server set enabled=no\r\
 \n/interface sstp-server server set enabled=yes\r\
 \n:log warning \"CPU Load \$cpuload reenabled sstp service\"\r\

Here the scheduler:

/system scheduler
add disabled=no interval=5m name=cpuloadsstp on-event="/system script run cpuload" policy=ftp,read,write,winbox,api start-date=\
    sep/28/2012 start-time=07:00:33

Have fun!