dnsbl.njabl.org to b.barracudacentral.org policyd-weight


Because njabl.org stop it’s services I need to find another rbl which is easy to delist for mail-admins, less flase positives and has no connections to the sh** rbl’s of fu***ing SORBS. I decided to test b.barracudacentral.org. After some days of logreviews and  testing I decided to use the b.barracudacentral.org for production. Works like a charm.

So I’ve edited the line arround 377 in /usr/sbin/policyd-weight

#'dnsbl.njabl.org',        4.25,       -1.5,        'BL_NJABL',
'b.barracudacentral.org', 4.25,        -1.5,       'BL_BARRACUDA',
/etc/init.d/policyd-weight restart

Have fun!

To every Mail-Admin: Don’t use SORBS they are a conglomerate of arrogant a** f*****s
I needed for a delisting of a “dnyamic” IP-Pool 4weeks and more than 15 mails and tickets
Also the proofpoint.com rbl seems to be managed by the same arrogant guys, but the problem is that me.com icloud.com and some other big mail players are using it.
The https://support.proofpoint.com/dnsbl-lookup.cgi is nice and shows the listing of an IP-Address but has no more functions. Seems none is reading the output of the form.
After filling the form every day for 14days I decided self monologues are boring.
So I contacted this company by E-Mail.
Pow after 1 day I got delistet with no response from the german mailbox. :-)
The next problem of that list is it’s not public queryable, so none is able to monitor via nagios etc the rbl.
SORBS sucks