cidr.dnsbl.rollernet.local s***s

One more blacklist issue which sucks

>hi roller support
>one of our subnets got blacklistet by you
>we had problems sending mails to this destinations:
>please delist
>SNIP [ postfix maillog was here ] SNIP
>kind regards
>I could not send you mails from our offical server because it's
>too and you've got no webbased delisting form, your forum does not
>the option to create an account and your customer portal has many
>fields to fill in but no options for the rbl 
>this should not be the way how a blacklist should run

The answer was brilliant :-)

That list is hand-assembled of addresses/networks that have directly
spammed our role accounts (support@, abuse@, sales@, or billing@). It's
not anything automated. I've removed it for now, but if we start getting
spam from the enclosing network again it will likely end up on the list

The forum accounts were disabled due to excessive spamming unfortunately

Have fun with blacklists which sucks!