2TiB boot volume grub2 gpt howto


need to boot from 2TiB volume?

Here some explaination of the big mystery…

The M$-DOS partitiontable is limited to 2TiB partition size at 512 byte sectorsize

2^32−1 × 512 Bytes = ~ 2 TiB

To solve this problem we use GPT
http://en.wikipedia. … GUID_Partition_Table

At install time Debian Lenny and Squeeze would recognize this, and part the disk with GPT format,
but uses blocklists in filesystem instead of an own embedding partition for grub2 stage2.
You can read the disadvantages of blocklists here:
http://grub.enbug.or … /BIOS_Boot_Partition

To avoid this issues you need to add a new partion eg. ~100MB with parted.
and set the partition flag to this:

print free 
set (partition number) bios_grub on 

grub-install /dev/sdx

Don’t use for embedding partition an existing filesystem!!
Grub2 will destroy the filesystem at next boottime!!

Have fun!